Shared Medical Appointments: Getting Better Together

A shared medical appointment (SMA) is a group office visit. There is no waiting room time. Instead, you spend 90-minutes with your primary care doctor and other patients with similar health issues and work together to find suitable treatment plans and set goals to improve your health.

What are the benefits of a SMA?
  • Support from your peers and healthcare team
  • A chance to learn more about your health
  • More face-to-face time with your doctor
  • Closer follow-up care
  • Get answers to questions you never thought to ask
  • Chance to make new friends

Frequently asked questions

Our physicians and Locations participating in SMAs:

Elizabeth Fasy, MD
445 South Main Street
West Hartford, CT 06110

Vasanth Kainkaryam, MD
Pediatric & Internal Medicine
Family Medicine
100 Hazard Ave, Suite 201
Enfield, CT 06082